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Greetings from Wodonga...


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Hello All!

Here is my first digital B&W image. Hope you like it.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


  • Main Range.jpg
    Main Range.jpg
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Guest .

Hi Jim,

nice to see you "with a nice picture"! :) And it really is!

I so much like landscape pictures .... and I envy you for having the opportunity to take such impressive pictures. I live under densely populated conditions .... :(

Well ... nature and landscape are not exactly impossible .... but not at hands at the first sight.

However ... there are opportunities ... Uwe knows this place ... :)


sample 7.jpg

See you with nice pictures



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Thanks for the kind comments! Yes Uwe, it is an abstract. It is only a tiny part of a mountain range that spread before me in about 160 degrees of field vision. The part would have been less than 5 degrees and I used my 50-500mm, fully extended. The attached file is a little closer, without the white matting and title.

Sincere regards, JR


  • Main Range Plain.jpg
    Main Range Plain.jpg
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Guest .

Hello Jim,

it is even much more impressive this way ... that is ... without the frame!

Actually, I am trying to convince our admin to find a sollution that our pictures are presented on a dark grey forum-background (I do not really like the bright white forum-canvas!).

Further, I have thougt about "digital" picture frames again and again.

In my gallery no single picture has a frame.

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(sorry, my English gallery still is under construction...:))

Frames may carry the risc that you distract fom the picture itself ... well I am still thinking and watching .... :confused:

Another point ......

B&W pictures???

Since 1999 I have been in digital photography! :)
I started up in 1997 .... although not really convinced!! In 1999 I got my Olympus Camedia C1400 L which made me firmly believe that digital was the future ... This camera (which was really expensive in those days and took me severe negotiations with my wife ... :)) was my personal breakthrough to digital photography.

The computer then replaced my conventional darkroom and "brought me up" to the daylight when developing my photos.

What am I driving at?!

Well, I also did quite a number of colour photos in my former conventional darkroom. Most of may work really was black and white! First, because colours used to be expensive ... secondly ... because B&W was much quicker..... thirdly??????

Did I like it?! Do I like it?! Honestly, .... I do not know! :confused:

My gallery does not contain just one single B&W picture.

(Maybe this is, because the SIGMA SDs are such wonderful colour cams?!)

For the sake of pure logic ... B&W means doing without considerable image information, which a colour picture contains.
So, why this decision, when colours do not cost a penny?!

Jim's landscape above is a graceful B&W-photo ..... for sure!

Jim .....,

Do you have this picture in colours as well?

Could you show us this picture in colours for comparism?!

What made you decide on B&W?

Many questions .... put by someone ... who unlearned B&W.:rolleyes:

See you with nice (B&W) pictures



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Hi, Klaus!

Interesting, reading your observations.

I would like to respond with mine. True, there is always the danger that a frame will distract. I chose to apply a white frame because I consider it to complement the image itself, isolating it when viewed on my monitor.

I have only been using digital cameras for a little over 2 years. It was the Foveon technology that made sense to me, together with the simplicity of the Sigma camera. No "bells and whistles". I cannot stand to lose control of my picture taking process, having to rely on what a software engineer thinks the camera must do to interpret the information before it. Really, that "sucks" big time! I am intelligent enough to make up my own mind, thank you.

I also did colour and B&W printing in my own darkroom, spending many hours in that dungeon, sometimes full days. Oh, the sacrifices! :)

Anyway, this time, with this image, I chose B&W because it increased the intensity of the composition. The colour, because of its scarecity due to the patchy lighting, was a distraction in my opinion.

Incidentally, I stayed at that remote location for almost a complete day and I feel I was rewarded with a few interesting pics, including this one. It was a location I found last summer and I thought, "this needs snow!"

Watching the clouds create their effects contributed to my experience here and at times my emotions were really on edge as I witnessed nature "at work" on this scene. I always try to connect my heart and my camera together with my mind and observational processes.

Anyway, here is the colour , full frame image.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


  • Main Range Colour.jpg
    Main Range Colour.jpg
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Guest .

Hi Jim,

thanks for your answer!

Hmmm... The colour version is very nice, too! :z02_respekt: It somehow "feels" colder ... does't it? I cannot say, which version finally is more attractive.


You underlined the sky slightly (B&W-shot)?!

In earlier days I would have done that with a RED-FILTER. Now we have easier digital skills.

However, both versions very much appeal to me ... maybe ... I should do some future B&W experiments. ;)

See you with such nice pictures Jim!