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Grey market lenses for G2



Does anyone own any grey market lenses for G2? Is there ANY difference between US lenses and grey besides warranty (and price, obviously). Any and all info is muchly appreciated!


I have USA and grey. No difference.

Keep in mind that the difference in price keeps decreasing-- particularly when you consider the rebates (they are again in effect in the USA-- $100 for each lens this time).

I know at least one retailer that will show you the prices of both "USA" and "Import". Currently, the difference is only S10 after the rebate.

Contact me off list if you want to know who they are –– I have been scolded before by the webmaster for naming dealers on the list.




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A friend of mine has a grey market G along with all the lenses. He's had them for close to 7 years with no trouble at all. He shoots about 10 rolls a week. So his gear isn't just for flash. It's well used. Matter of fact.............he went out drinking one night with his G2 and 28 and dropped the camera down a flight of stairs. He was pissed taht he put some minor dents and scratches on th body. But the camera still performs as the day it was made.