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Guidelines in buying a 2nd hand G2


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Hello Fellow G2-ers!

Thanks for all the insight. I have finally decided to get a G2 for myself.

I'm getting a 2nd hand G2 body which I have been eyeing in my local camera workshop for a week or so now.

Just wondering if you G2 experts can give me some guidelines when buying the 2nd hand G2. Anything in particular to look out for?

Also getting a 35mm tho still stuck between choosing a 35 or 45mm . What a dilemma!

Ok thanks in advance for your help people!!



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I like the 45mm very much as it is very sharp, and produces super rich color.

Good Luck



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If possible, I'd take a cheap roll of film with me, shoot through a wide range of shutter speeds, go to a one hour developing, check the film out, and then make my decision based upon that.


You won't regret it! I bought my own G2 3 weeks ago and I'm still like a kid with a toy. What a fabulous camera.

I can't stop looking at the thing especially with the 45mm mounted - it's the most stunning lens. And the pictures aren't bad either! Seriously, you will be delighted with the results from the Planar 45mm as long as you read the manual and take care with the focus lock.

Will be getting my first roll taken with the Biogon 28mm back today. Can't wait!!!


Hi Sukarno,
On your question of weather to get the 35 mm or 45 mm, here are my thoughts.
I would say that there are a few typical lens combinations.
1. 28mm, 45mm and 90mm
2. 21mm, 35 mm and 90mm
3. 21mm, 28mm and 45mm
4. or any other combinations based on preferance.
Here are a few factors to consider and hopefully help you in your decision making. Consider:
1. do you plan to get a wider angle lens? (21mm or 28mm?). If yes, which one do you plan to get? Consider this, the 21mm is more expensive than the 28mm and has a bigger filter size than the 35 or 45. If you decide to get the 28mm, then i would recommend that you get the 45mm as the 35mm is too near the 28 mm.
2. Do you plan to get a second Body later in the future? If yes, then would that second body be a G1 (2nd hand G1 bodies are fairly cheap these days). If so, consider this, the older G1s (brown Label) does not accept the 35mm lens (nor the 21mm) and you will need to get the rom updated for the G1 to work with the 35mm. The cost of the upgrade will depend on where you stay. I have seen in the posts that there are cost involved in some countries, but i got my G1 updated for free.
3. Are you easily influenced by other postings and reviews? (Like me ; ) If yes, consider this, there are lots and lots of reviews out there that talks about the merits of the 45mm. If you think that you might be easily tempted, then i bet that if after buying the 35mm you will be wanting to try out the 45mm. And then again you will be stuck with 2 lens that are too near.

Hopefully these considerations will help you. Anyway, it is just my opinion. Both lens has their own merits and my opinion might be skewed to the 45 as I do not own the 35m.
BTW, my combination are 16mm, 28mm, 45mm and 90mm.


I Like the 35mm and 28mm Lense the most, I also got the 21mm 45mm 90mm. Al lenses are super sharp as long you get the fokus right.

In the 2 Hand and new Market the 45mm is much easier to get than the 35mm. The 45mm lense is not bether than the 35mm, I cant see a differense.
But the 35mm lense is much more versatile and its not such a boring angle like the 45mm everybody has got one lense.


New Member
Hello everyone!~

Aahh.. i got my G2 finally! Real piece of mean and heavy machine. But i LIKEEE!
Paid about $750 for both the body and a 35mm lens. (3 months warranty from shop)

Minor blemishes on the body but everything glass is almost perfect. Though the focusing mirror looks a little pushed it, the distance displayed is still very accurate (Measured with a measuring tape)

Wanted the 45mm but after trying both and viewing thru the viewfinder. I found 35mm to be more suitable for me. Moreover the 35mm is 2nd and perfect condition. Maybe the 45mm when i get more used to the camera.
The 21mm is definitely on my next wish list for the next lens for my G2.
Hmmm maybe it;s time to let go of my Sony F707...=/

Now I'm just waiting for my first roll to come out of the lab this afternoon. I hope everything's A-ok.


Thanks everyone!


New Member
Just got back my prints.

WOHOO. very very sharpie! I like.

Now i just have to improve my composition skills haha

No regrets buying this one here!



Excelent choice, and congratulation to this buy, it was a bargain, I paid over US$1500.- for the G2 it self 2 years ago in some ripp off Contax cartelprice Country.
How are you satisfied about the autofocus ?
If you can get a 21mm Bigon with finder you will be two times hapier than now.