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Guillemins railway station

Located in Belgium - city of Liège, the building was designed by architecht Calatrava.

Pictures taken with a 500C/M on Ilford HP5+ 400 ASA


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  • guillemins-3.jpg
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I completely agree with the previous mails about the high quality of yours pics - great job indeed. Two questions : do you use a tripod ? Do you get some authorization to shot in this station? (according to my own experience, SNCB/Tractebel are very suspicious when they see a camera).
An other picture of this railway station, but taken with a 4"x5" pinhole camera on FP4+ sheet film - a 10" exposure in full sun.
It's doesn't yield the quality that we are used to when using our Hassy's but I wantede to compare the results and I found it an amusing experience.

Thanks for the comments and awfully sorry for the very late reply :eek:
The first series were handheld.
For the last one the pinhole camera was seated on an large ashtray, as it is normally forbidden to use a tripod in sncb railway stations...