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H series kit incl 3 lenses (AUSTRALIA)


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I have no idea how to insert a table, so I am putting the items as a screen dump from my Excel spreadsheet.


If bought as a kit - price all inclusive $AUD6,500 ONO (some negotiation but no huge drops on this - it's a competitive price) I will pack it all in a yellow Kinchrome case (Pelican 1550 size) with a Pelican foam insert, somewhat used. If a kit buyer takes it I will post any boxes separately. Naturally I'd rather sell it all together as a kit but will split it. The viewfinder does not have the rubber eyecap, it split and it was annoying anyway so I chucked it and never bothered to get another one.

Images of the H2, viewfinder and rechargeable battery and charger are viewable at Photobucket album:
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This album is password protected and the album password is mag1c66. I am currently sorting out the lens boxes, pouches and so on and will add photos to the album once I have taken them.

The H2, viewfinder and CR123 battery came from the UK, I bought it with a PhaseOneP20 back from Elemental Europe Ltd, Stagsden, Bedfordshire (it had been a tethered studio camera for hire) in August 2009 but it did not arrive until late September - it has almost 42,000 actuations. The P20, although turning on etc, is not communicating with the H2 at the moment, apparently it is a condenser problem and I have been quoted $2,000+ for a repair. So I am making a change to another system and selling all this lot, and I hope tp trade the P20 on a P40+.

The 150 & 210 lenses were bought from Baltronics in Sydney in late October & November 2009 respectively; the 55-110 from a private seller in France in late October 2009; and the battery & charger from Adorama - also late October 2009.

If anyone wants further details please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to post the items and will get you a quote (from weight of required items via AusPost website) as needed.


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Just a bump - still for sale, now on
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also as below:

SLR type medium format camera compatible with all H system interchangeable lenses, viewfinders and magazines.

The Hasselblad H2 is a medium-format, dual-platform camera that builds on the success of the popular H1. This model, designed for the toughest professional use, makes either high-end digital capture or film capture as easy as point-and-shoot.

The HC lenses for the H series bodies cover a wide spectrum of focal lengths and feature the fastest and most precise 645 autofocus system on the market today. The integral lens shutters allow flash sync down to 1/800 second and provide silent and vibration-free operation.

I also have for sale the following lenses, please email to enquire:
• HC 150mm f/3.2
• HC 210mm f/4
• HC 55-110mm zoom f3.5-4.5

A superb piece of equipment and offer a wide dynamic range for excellent resolution of images. H2 and 50-110 lens come in their boxes.

I have used this equipment for my landscape photography, you can view my images on my website at
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Images of the camera and lenses can be seen at
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Price of $2050 is Body/viewfinder/battery grip with 6 batteries ONLY and does not include postage. Lens photos included for info only.

Lens prices 150mm: $1900.00; 210mm: $2100.00; 50-110 zoom $2500:00 (no lens hood),

FULL KIT AS ONE: $6,500 NEG with Kinchrome hard case at NO extra charge. Postage extra
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