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H2 images from my portfolio


Just joined and looking forward to learning from the membership here.

80mm f/2.8 @ f/8 on Kodak T-Max 100

210mm f/4 @ f/8 Phase One P45

Comments and critiques appreciated.


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Excellent job!

Please note the forum likes images to be uploaded using the paperclip in the tool bar.

By copying these images you managed to upload larger files than is allowed for non club members.
I have a weak spot for smiling ladies so they are here to be seen by forum users.

Club membership allows the largest upload capacity in the world of forums:
1200x1200 pixels or 585 KB whichever comes first.

Club members support this forum with a 25 euro p.a. payment.
They enjoy the extra upload capacity, are not bothered by ads etc.

Of course non paying users are treated equally.
It says one of the advantages for paying members is the option to place an ad in the classified section.
That is incorrect: the classified section is available for all users.



I guess I'm confused a little... These images are hosted on my personal web server and aren't uploaded to this forum's server. Any bandwidth used to view them comes from my account and shouldn't be a burden to the community. I didn't copy them at all. I simply used the "img" tag to display them inline.

I asked in another thread for a link to the rules and accepted procedures so I can familiarize myself with the community. Thanks in advance for the help.


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This forum encourages strongly to upload pictures.
That saves the forum from becoming "Swiss cheese" after the sites where linked images lead to are no longer active.

Copied images seem to upset the forums software.
Do not ask me why it is something the administrator mentioned.
Copied images do not fall under the upload limits. That is another reason why they are not allowed.