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H3D-39 W/ 4 LENSES,1.7x converter 5 BATTS FOR SALE $15,000


New Member
Hello. I have here an impressive camera system for sale. The system will not be split up and sold only as a complete kit. Total cost is $15,000AUD The kit included the following:

Hasselblad H3D 39 body
HV90X Prism Finder
5 Batteries
1.7X teleconverter

All gear is in fantastic condition and only used in a studio environment. All the lenses come with caps and hoods and the zoom lens returned from a cleaning 2 weeks ago from the Hasselblad repair agent. The body as under 19k clicks and all the lenses are around 8k, but if you're interested in exact numbers please ask. The charger is included as well as a data transfer cable. Cash (local), paypal or bank transfer is acceptable as a form of payment and the gear will only be released once I confirm funds received. The full price must be the net amount and the buyer is responsible for covering paypal fees, shipping and packaging and insurance fees. Please feel free to ask any questions via email. The camera is listed elsewhere as well View attachment 7181 View attachment 7182 View attachment 7181 View attachment 7182 View attachment 7183 View attachment 7184 View attachment 7185 View attachment 7186 View attachment 7187 View attachment 7188 View attachment 7189 View attachment 7190 View attachment 7191


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