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H3D Noisy at 400 ISO... HELP!


Ok I admit Im a new H3D user. But man, I shot a few test shots today at 400 ISO and ran it thru Phocus and it is so noisy it looks like a 35mm digital camera shot at 5000 ISO. I know Im doing something wrong, I must be.
Can any long time users please give me so advice as to what Im doing wrong? I know this camera is better than that.
Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
Well I have the cfv-39 and it happen that I use at 400 asa and even at 800. Yes the noise is there on the screen. Phocus help to reduce noise. Kodak sensor on Leica and Hasselblad are not noise killer. However when you print, the result is really good. Time to time I prefer using 200 asa in studio than 50asa as digital noise break digital artefact you may find on actual digital pictures.