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H4D-50, Lightroom 4 and Phocus


I just acquired a new H4D-50, having traded in my H4D-31 with the special promotion.

I was under the impression that Lightroom 4 picks up the H4D-50, so one can import directly into the programme rather than having to import via Phocus. However my Lightroom 4 so far does not pick it up.

Am I missing something? Is there some process one has to apply to get Lightroom to recognize the camera? Or is it not possible?

Having said that I keep finding that Phocus does better with colours than Lightroom, although I find the histogram in Lightroom much easier to use, as it easily shows clipping. I can't figure out how to get Phocus to show clipping.

Any advice on these 2 subjects would be appreciated.

All the best.

Richard Naismith

Douglas Fairbank

Active Member
At this time Lightroom will not connect to the camera but you should be able to import using a CF card reader.