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H4D-50, Lightroom 4 and Phocus


I just acquired a new H4D-50, having traded in my H4D-31 with the special promotion.

I was under the impression that Lightroom 4 picks up the H4D-50, so one can import directly into the programme rather than having to import via Phocus. However my Lightroom 4 so far does not pick it up.

Am I missing something? Is there some process one has to apply to get Lightroom to recognize the camera? Or is it not possible?

Having said that I keep finding that Phocus does better with colours than Lightroom, although I find the histogram in Lightroom much easier to use, as it easily shows clipping. I can't figure out how to get Phocus to show clipping.

Any advice on these 2 subjects would be appreciated.

All the best.

Richard Naismith