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H4D-50 Outfit with 4x Lenses


Hasselblad H4D-50 outfit consisting of H4D-50 camera, HC-35mm lens, HC-50mm lens, HC-80mm lens, HC-150mm lens, H-26mm extension tube, original battery & charger plus spare battery & charger, as shown in the photo. Everything is in 100% working order, no damage/scratches etc. The extension tube has a couple of minor scuff marks to the black coating. Also included is the HS-Grid screen. The camera, 50mm & 80mm lenses are boxed, all lenses have the pouches. The H4D-50 was purchased from Calumet UK, I have receipts for the camera and all lenses. The camera was an upgrade from H3DII-50 to H4D-50. I wish to sell as a complete outfit rather than splitting up the outfit. I'm not a professional photographer only an amateur photographer and therefore I'm not VAT registered since I'm not a business/company. Genuine reason for sale, divorce settlement forces reluctant sale, hence its priced to sell.

£8500 for the whole outfit.

This outfit has only seen light use, listed below is the total number of actuations(shutter count) for each item.

Camera - 6757 actuations
HC-35 Lens - 3234 actuations
HC-50 Lens - 529 actuations
HC-80 Lens - 6476 actuations
HC-150 Lens - 48 actuations

These figures are correct at time of listing and may increase slightly.

This is a collections only sale no postage, this is a UK sale only due to no posting.

Payment can be cash or pre-cleared cheque etc, Paypal is NOT Accepted on this collections only sale.


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John Daferanos

New Member
interested to your outfit, I m based in Greece but i ll pick it up from your place
please contact me via email

Ron Cordon

New Member
interested in your kit...where do you live in the UK...?.(Brit living in Austria)would collect & problem...please inform if this is possible.. ....regards..Ron