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Hand Grip M



I normally walk around with a camera in my hand. The Leica Hand Grip M provides a good grip to me when I handhold the camera.

If I have the money I would add the Motor M, which also acts as a Hand Grip.

What do you guys think of the Handgrip. I am not impressed by the third party grips available. I think the leica handgrip is the best.


I too use the Leica hand grip, and would not carry my camera with out it. I do think it could be a little bit larger, as I have long fingers and don't really feel like I can curl my fingers around the grip all the way. I hear that Tom Abramsons (of Rapidwinder fame) also makes a grip which is a little larger. But, a few weeks ago I bought Lutz's sling, and that, combined with the Leica grip, seems to be the perfect fir for me.


I normaloly carry my Ms around my neck in an across the chest and under the arm fashion.

I have tried the Leica grip and find I like the original shape of the camera better.


I would agree that the grip is a nice adder. Though the price is bit much for such a little adder. I have found the grip to significantly reduce the difficulty I often have getting a soild grip on the body. I have fairly large hands and the grip is a lifesaver.


Abrahamsson Rapidgrip - provides a good grip, holds a softrelease and spare batteries. I've tried the Leica Grip M, and the GMP M-Grip and Tom's offering is simply the best. Be careful when changing films with it mounted to your baseplate, however - it can scratch your precious M if you are in a hurry.




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I have a Leica grip and think its great, it adds much needed shape to the camera and is small. It also protects your baseplate when sitting the camera down on a table.


"I normaloly carry my Ms around my neck in an across the chest and under the arm fashion."

You have enough Ms to make a loop big enough????

Lucky, one per lens!



Another vote for Abrahamsson's grip. It's built much better than the Leica version.

Tom's Rapid Winder also beats the motor hands down... is it any wonder why so many Magnum photographers use this instead of the winder/motor?