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Happened across a wedding!


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I visited Armidale (about 500kms away) for the weeknd with a friend, and we stayed with some people from one of my other photo forums.

When we went to visit the little chapel at Gostwyk on Saturday we found a rare event in progress - a wedding! Wayne (the local) reports there are not many weddings allowed there for some reason, so we were very lucky. It also enabled the pictures in another post inside the church.

We did ask if it was OK to take some pics before the bride arrived (about 40 mins after we did) and received permission. Otherwise I would have refrained, and I have no intention of selling any of these. But, I had been wanting to get some bridal/wedding pics for my portfolio so this it was a great opportunity for me.

The official photographer was a lady with a lady assistant.

The bride

With her escort (presumabelt her father)

Crossing from car to church


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You want these for your portfolio ... is it intended to secure some wedding photography work?

This wasn't your wedding shoot and to depict it as such in any way would be misleading.

It takes an enormous amount of pre-planning and so on to actually shoot a wedding ... but it is as easy as pie to just step-in and shoot a few shots with no pressure to deliver at all.

I've stumbled on a number of weddings in progress during my travels ... some in rare places like Martha's Vineyard and St. Peter's in NYC ... IF I did take a photo or two, none of them are in my public portfolio, and never will be.

Just sayin'