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Happy New Year from Wodonga!


Well-Known Member
This was the scene last night, as part of our community celebrations. Best wishes to all!

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

PS. Note the "old" concrete water tower (bottom right, used in years past to provide pressure for water reticulation system) has it's own floodlighting too.


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    Wod NYE.jpg
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Hi, Patrick!

Thanks for the comment. This is one single exposure lasting for 30 seconds @ f8 and ISO100. Show only lasted 15 minutes so had a meagre haul of only about 15 frames, after waiting for each dark frame etc. This was one of the better ones.

Quality depends on a number of factors like amount of flashes or detonations and intensity of each per 30 seconds, position of each detonation etc.

Also, the evening breeze worked in my favour as it drifted the smoke to the left of frame.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


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I guess I was the party pooperr!!! I was a sleep by 10pm cst....:z04_123:

Happy New Year All!!!!

Tony C.


Active Member
cold new year

We had a small snow storm here in New England and the temp was right around zero with wind. Bed at 11. We probably hit the pillow at the same time.

.............................................. Tom C


Well-Known Member
I have to confess, this has been the first time for many years I have actually "seen in" the new year. The SD14 made me do it! :)

The local municipal council funded this inaugural fireworks display and I have access to a little known, locked 4WD bush fire access track on the surrounding hills. ;)

I'm not really the celebration type myself, preferring to rather spend more time in wilderness areas with my cameras. :)

Sincere regards, Jim R.


Well-Known Member
I didn't shot any during the eoy celebration, but I'd like to wish the best for all of you along the next year 2009.

Kind regards from Spain.