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Hard to choose 180mm Lenses

Looking for mid tele but zuiko 180/2.8 & 200/4 MC cannot reach my requirementso so targeting on these lenses....

Tamron SP 180mm f/2.5 LD IF
Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 180mm f/4 SL close focus
Angenieux DEM 180mm f/2.3 APO

any comment on these lenses ? Thanks.


Don't know the other two lenses you mention, but the Tamron SP 180 f/2.5 is a super lens.
I've been using one on both an Olympus OM4Ti and a Canon T90, for quite a number of years now. It produces great images on both cameras, and has never let me down yet.
Good luck in your quest.
Thanks Neil