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Hard to choose between 85F2 90F2 100F2

mainly for studio portrait but I don't have any zuiko macro lens...I also have 135f2.8MC & 50f1.4
or I could go for 100mm f2.8 & 50mmf3.5macro for cheaper price ?



100/2, 90/2, 85/2 is my order of preference.
100 because it has ED elements, however it is possibly "too" sharp for portraiture work. The 90/2 is great, but more expensive than the 100/2. The 85/2 is a great lens with the focal length being perhaps more useful than the slightly longer lenses.

I've currently got a 100/2.8 silvernose (SC). Great for portraits, but perhaps a bit too long for my liking (for portraits). I think it's about on par resolution wise with the 85/2.

If you can find the faster f/2 lenses, go for it!


Dear Sevensister..
The 100/2 and 90/2 are very very good lenses in the Zuiko stable. They both cost quite high. And both are quite hefty in size. I have the 90/2 and the 85/2. So if $ is of no concern , go for the harder to get 100/2.

The 90/2 is a macro lens.

The 100/2 is incredibly sharp - a common 'complaint' amongst its users. Too sharp for portraits sometimes.

I have the 85/2 which is one of my favourites. Small and easy to carry around, it therfore gets to be used more often than the heavier lenses. Its not much bigger than a standard 50mm lens - thats the beauty of Zuiko lenses. I love it very much becos of its rendition of the out of focus areas - 'bokeh' as it is called. Very nice and smooth.

Zuiko f2 lenses are all worth buying and keeping. If U have been searching reviews and all that over the net, U would have known by now.

I also have a Zuiko 100/2.8 (boxed) that I am willing to sell.

Contact me offlist if U are interested.

Maybe I should go for 85 F2 or 90 F2 <-- How about the handling if use is as a portrait lens ?

Agree with Daniel 100 F2 is best image quality but a bit too long for my portraiture work.

Thanks Daniel Tan & Lee Teck Meng

The information is very useful


Dear 7sister....
Using the 90/2 ?

One thing I forgot to mention.....

The 90/2 being a large lens in diameter, presents a slight 'problem' bcos you will find it a bit hard to reach the aperture and shutter ring area.

Plus its weight etc, I guess my vote goes to using the 85/2 for portraiture . Also , its a cheaper lens to try out first.

Dear TMLee,

Thanks for your info !

Finally I go for 100/2 because the MOD of 100/2 is better than 85/2 & 100/2.8 a lot & the 90/2 handling problem you mention.



dear V....
enjoy your new 100/2, I am sure you won't regret it.