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Has anyone a suggestion on diaprojectionscreen



hi all,

i do fotograf with a rts3 and zeiss lens for highest quality.
and i did get a leica p600 dia-projetior with a super-colorplan objectiv to beem my pictures pest possible.
but i don't know witch screen i should buy, there are differend producer (da-lite) and differend colors as like kristalperl, white, silver, and more?
for using it at home i don't think that it has to be bigger than 150cm x 150cm, any suggestions?
i couldn't find any tests on net, any www-adress?

thank you!

please feel free to write more sugestinos than i asked, i like to be good informed bevor i spend my money!



I've been using Zeiss and Nikon lenses with Fujichrome Sensia and Velvia, my slide-projectors are two Leitz P600. For projection at home I use the Colorplanes 90 mm, for presentation in small halls the Talons 150 mm. My screen at home is 160 x 160 cm. The size of the screen depends on the size of the room - use Leitz's diagrams! The larger the screen the more impressive the slides.
Do not buy a silver screen - the slides look "metallic".
Do not buy a kristallperl screen - there is great decline of brightness if anyone is placed too far from the axis of projection! See the manufacturers diagrams!
But do buy a "normal" white plastic screen - you will enjoy the bright and even slides, you will have natural impressions!
Reinhard Kuttner
Vienna, Austria


I agree that an all white screen is the way to go with the current availability of surfaces. I recall Kodak manufactured a silver metallic(?) screen some years ago and when I was attending the Leica School in England had the opportunity to view some slides. WOW!!! it was like removing sunglasses from your eyes; absolute brilliance. I can't recall the name, but I do know that the drawback for me then, was that the screen was "rigid" and therefore could not be folded.The results though were tempting.

What equipment do you folks use to project your Contax 645 slides?