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Hasselblad 503CW


New Member

I'm selling my (new) 503CW, with blank warranty card and all original items and box. I purchased this new from B&H to use with a CFV 16, but the CFV/16 was not available. I've only shot 3 to 4 rolls of film...that's it!
I'll include an older style, but almost new cond. A12 film magazine with matching #'s, purchased from and serviced by David Odess (Hasselblad tech.) and a Kiev 45 non metered viewfinder. I'm meticulous about my gear, so you can be assured it's beautiful camera. I paid $3460.00 for the 503CW.
I like to purchase new when possible, so if you want a new 503CW w/warranty, that's hundreds less than retail, email me for more info.

PayPal to US confirmed, Free shipping, ins. is approximately $29

I have a 100% feedback score at Ebay (johnnyfilm)


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