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Hasselblad Adaptor



Hi, just wondering if anyone has used the Hasselblad adaptor? I recently purchased one used, and it does not have a manual. On inspection, the unit is very well built, and there is even the little circular crank shaft type thing on the mount. How does this work? Do I just stop down the lens after focusing and then take a photo? What is the deal with metering? Also, do all blad lenses work? CF, F, FE, etc, etc. Thanks for your comments.


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David, Just as you have suggested stop the lens down and everything is perfect. Either focus first of all and stop down or use normally after f8 it is a bit dark but don't forget the focus confermation works so in dark lighting you can rely on it.
If you need a faster flash sync for the odd shot you can lock the Contax on B and fire from the Hasselblad lens up to 1/500 sec. You can use all the lenses except for the new H1 as the mount is different. Bob