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HASSELBLAD CFV-50c Experience


Well-Known Member
Hello to all users of the V-System or TECHNICAL CAMERAS who are using CFV backs .
Is there anyone using the CFV-50c who could share her/his experience and show some images .
If you use a CFV-50c , is there anything you would like to be implemted in the future ? ? ?

I would like to get one , but my main wish would be , that the back has WiFi .
That would make teathering obsolete as you could use an iPHONE or even better an iPAD for a better image control .
What are your thoughts ? ? ?


Well-Known Member
As far as I know , the clock battery issue is already solved for the CFV-50 .
That issue did not turn up , since I have that back .


New Member
Anybody having experience with CFV-50c Live view? I use firmware 3.6.9R (latest)
When zooming in (only 100% possible) the view is undulating and never gets a crisp sharpness.
How to increase the usefulness?

Bengt Fredén

New Member
I borrowed the CFV-50c last year from a professional photo supplier here in Sweden when it came out, to make some tests over a weekend. The resolution and quality is quite phenomenal, and I was just using it in JPG mode, because my old Mac wasn't compatible with the new Phocus software. I have yet to test it in full RAW mode, although I made some shots with the FlexBody, which I could later see on the supplier's big 24" screen. I tried it on the 501CM, the 555 ELD, and the FlexBody and it performed well on all three, although it was a bit fiddly on the FlexBody, as I imagine it will be also on a technical optical bench camera (I didn't have the time to try it on my small Arca-Swiss 6x9cm, or on the Fuji GX680 III, which both have Hasselblad V adapters).

The main problem with this new digital back is in my opinion that the sensor area is much too small! The problem is the same with the digital 645 Pentax, the new mirrorless Hasselblad X-D1, and the upcoming GFX 50-C medium format camera from Fujifilm (spring 2017).

The 50c sensor is somewhere in between the full 645 format (41,5 x 55mm in Hasselblad's A16 film magazine) and 24x36mm in any full format DSLR (I am using a Nikon D800E). This means that you cannot get the full potential from the Zeiss wide angle lenses, which will have a 1,5x crop. I would rather choose the older CFV-50 back (Bayer sensor, however, not CMOS) or a back from (Mamiya-)Leaf, which has two smart rotatable backs (the 10-R and the 12-R). Or a PhaseOne 60 mpxl back. These sensors are much larger.