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Hasselblad Everready Case


New Member
I have recently purchased a second-hand ever-ready case. Inside the lid is a purse-like slit in the leather lining which I take to be a place to park a the magazine darkslide; an elasticated strap which could also hold the darkslide or a very slim notebook and two very short leather loops with press stud fastners.

Can anyone tell me the purpose of these two loops?


Well-Known Member
I am not familiar with the case, and don't recall anything in the literature I have perused, but could these straps be for holding film?


New Member
The two loops I refer to are very short, to short to hold a pencil. They will just close over something about 1/8 of an inch in diameter. Being positioned on each side of the lid I wonder if they are intended to hold a frame viewfinder or something similar. They do not bug me but just arouse my curiosity.



I am interested in having the ability to use several filters at once, polarizing, enhancing, neutral density or graduated neutral density. Apparently, Bay 70 male/female filters that would allow nesting are not available. What has been the experience using the Hassy Proshade with gelatin filters versus a Cokin or Lee system for mounting in front of the lens?


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LEE make WA versions of many sized adapters for their filter holders. These adapters reverse back on themselves to help discourage vignetting. Check B&H in NYC, (
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In addition there is a WA shade.

steve dunn

New Member
500 C Ever-ready Case

So, does anyone have information as to the use of the short tabs with the snap fasteners, and the elastic loop?