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Hasselblad H2 & HC 55-110mm zoom f3.5-4.5


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I have the H2 body ONLY with P90 viewfinder and CR123 battery pack plus 6 (new) batteries and HC 55-110mm zoom f3.5-4.5 for sale. NOTE: NO BACK IS INCLUDED.

Photos here:
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I will not sell the lens separately unless the camera goes first. One leaf on the lens cap on this lens is bent, I dropped it and half ran over it unawares. It may be able to be straightened, but at 55mm you can see it in the frame. Doesn't show on tele settings.

I have used this equipment for my landscape photography (with PhaseOneP20), you can view my images on my website at
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The P20 back is not included as it needs a new condenser and the camera cannot 'talk' with it at the moment. repair was quoted at $AUD2,000 and I just can't afford it. If anyone wanted it with the camera I'll let it go for a reasonable offer, email me and we can talk.

Price: Body/viewfinder/battery grip with 6 batteries - $2050
Lens $2,500
NOTE price does not include postage.

A superb piece of equipment and offer a wide dynamic range for excellent resolution of images. Both items come in their boxes.

The Hasselblad H2 is a medium-format, dual-platform (film/digital) camera compatible with all H system interchangeable lenses, viewfinders and magazines. that builds on the success of the popular H1. This model, designed for the toughest professional use, makes either high-end digital capture or film capture as easy as point-and-shoot.

The HC lenses for the H series bodies cover a wide spectrum of focal lengths and feature the fastest and most precise 645 autofocus system on the market today. The integral lens shutters allow flash sync down to 1/800 second and provide silent and vibration-free operation.


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As I'd really like to have this gone and have the money for Christmas, price is down to $AUD4,000.00

Take advantage of my Christmas spirit and get a bargain. All you need to add is a back - either film or digital.

No offers please.