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Hasselblad in Zingst

The first outing of my first Hasselblad, a used but good condition 500 C/M and Zeiss 80/2.8, in Zingst, on the German Baltic coast. Comments welcome.






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Welcome Nick,

Not bad for a first outing.

Good old Planar 80 proves it is still going strong.

Keep up the good work and show us more!



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Nice shots, making me want to get 80 2.8, but i am happy with 60 as well.

so which film are those shots from?

Which scanner?

I just got the 60 actually, and much as I love the old chrome 80 I have, and the ability to use 2.8, I expect the 60 will be on my camera more as I prefer it a little wider (in 35mm if I could only have one lens it would be the 35 so I guess 60 in 6x6 is my first choice), also it seems you can focus much nearer with the 60, which can be useful, it quite light and compact and f3.5 is pretty good.

The film was Neopan, as I had finished my fp4

The scanner is my labs scanner, good but quite low res, if I want to enlarge digitally rather than in the darkroom, I re-scan on my vue scan at higher res


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Ah cool, i will get 150mm soon, i have a friend who has 80mm, so i changed than 80mm, and we can swap if we want, and because i have 80mm for my Hasselblad digital H3D with is nice, but i know myself that i use so wide lens for landscape and outdoor so 50 or 60 is the best choice, or shooting portraits headshots and close-ups so anything above 100, i don't shot f2.8 much these days so that i didn't bought 80mm, but it will be there in my list for the future.

OK, but which Neopan is that? 100 i think.
Which scanner do you have? i scan at home myself, because the lab scanner is also low res but better result then mine, they have Imacon a drum scanner for highest res but i didn't ask them once before to do, i just send my color film to the lab only, all my B&W i develop it myself at home, today early morning i developed one Delta 100