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Hasselblad Lens on Leica R Series


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Hi Jerry,

this works quite well, but it is slow going since you have to stop down meter and shoot. But I use dto use all my Hasselblad Zeiss lenses on a DMR/9 to good effect.

There are some interesting lenses in the V system ... like the 110/2 F or FE (all you need for this application are the less expensive F versions without the e-databus contacts since they are useless on the R camera.) The 250/4 F or FE is also a very interesting optic.


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Hassy lenses on Leica R = incredible!!

Amazing images. Use R5 and R8 with Hassy 80 and 150mm CF lenses. No f stop control so lenses are used wide open with aperture priority mode on the camera. Very fast lenses so must use slower films (ASA 50 to 100). You will be astounded at the crispness of the images.