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Hasselblad spirit level


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Just a small tip I stumbled on - maybe most of you were well ahead of me. But I was given a Hasselblad spirit level, which fits beautifully on the side of the 501CM body (and others of course).

My favourite technical sles person (tragically gone to God at a more tragically early age), who so brilliantly guided me through building my beloved 'Blad system, pulled a nice used one out one day and said she had kept it for me at no charge!

Now I don't have issues with 1 or 2 degree out horizons. No matter how careful I used to be with a spirit level on my Manfrotto tripod, I'd occassionally end up with a "bad" horizon. No more.

It is even helpful (with some practice) when shooting hand held.

So if you don't have one and see one lying about at cheap money, grab it.


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The latest version of the tripod quick release coupler has an integrated spirit level as well. Some people who are more demanding use a spirit level directly on the focus screen. I would be too worried of scratching or marring my screen to do that.

The accessory rail spirit level is most useful for those who shoot with a waist-level finder from the waist.