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If you are registered, you get access to the members only section, can participate in the buy & sell second hand forum and last but not least you can reserve your preferred username before someone else takes it. is closing as a stand-alone Forum...


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Dear members,

it was a tough decision. We tried everything to avoid it, but failed. We always wanted to be a unique, independant "Hasselblad-only" website. We did this for over 10 years. But this will be no longer possible in the future.

Unfortunately, we did not get enough support from the majority of the users to be able to finance a Hasselblad-only forum and devote the appropriate time to run this forum as a separate community.

We tried everything, even raised polls and asked everybody pro-active for donations:

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But it seems that the majority of the Hasselblad interested people are not interested anymore in a Hasselblad-only forum.

So we are forced to close this forum.

To say "thank you" to the few peope, who supported us in the past - both financially and with manpower - we will offer the content of this Hasselaald forum in the future within our brand-independant community forum.

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The forum will be just another section within that broader forum. Same as Nikon, Canon, Leica, Pentax, Rollei, Sony and all the other brands.

Until we have the time to do this import into the other forum, the forum is read-only. So you can see everything but you can not post here until we have made the switch to the other forum.

We are sorry for this development, but it is unavoidable.

We will send an email to every member as soon as the import is finished. Probably in November or December 2013.

Your team