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Have I made a good choice



OK, keen to get started on a new hobby, and inspired by others, I went along to my local camera store(Henrys) with a view to getting a little knowledge about what sort of camera to buy. I want to move away from "snapshots" of family and landscapes (kodak advantix) and be a bit more creative and artistic, perhaps in b/w.
Andrew, bless him, the salesguy at Henrys was most helpfull and convinced me that the Canon ESO rebel K2 had all the features I wanted and was a good buy, whaddya think? taken for a mug, or astute and shrewd purchase? Too late now, but I love the way it feels. By the way I have been asked, why does a camera with a round lens produce square pictures, ha ha.


Hi Jaqueline,

the K2 is the cheap alternative in the Canon EOS line-up. The are many opinions posted on
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and I would share the view that a few CAD extra for a Rebel Ti would have been a good investment in more sturdiness.

However, the EOS system is a good one and the camera has more than sufficient features. As long as you do not want to mount a 1.5kg L-lens on the plastic bajonett everything should be alright.

Important for a good photo above all is the photographer, then the quality of the lenses, then the camera...

Have fun, Axel