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Hawley Lock Basin


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Excellent exposure Louis,
Looks like this is the Leica exile group with Andy and now you posting here.
Enjoy the SWC!


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Yes, I was surprised (pleasantly) to see you and Andy here. I know Rolo is around somewhere (I think). Are there others?



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Just read a strange word, begins with an L......
I will let it pass this time :z04_kommmalherfreun

I welcome everybody here and please note an SWC is nothing but a grown up L.... camera with a superb wide angle lens.
Try shooting hyperfocal.
At F5.6 everything from 2m till infinity is sharp.


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Very nice image Louis!

When I see an image like this, with water right up to the foundations of the buildings, I always wonder how they manage to keep the water out of the basements. :confused:



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Wonderful colours in this.

Re the buildings, I assume (don't you hate that word) their below ground/water level walls are part of the canal walls - after all, the canal walls keep the water in (otherwise it would all leach away into the soil eventually) so I guess they do it just as well in reverse. Bet they are damp inside though.


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Thanks for all the comments. For those who may not know, the building with the 'egg cups' on it is the London MTV studios.

Analog6: that makes sense, the canal was completed long before the buildings so I suppose they just incorporated the canal walls into their foundations.