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Hello and first question


New Member
Hi there,

i am on the edge to purchase an contax 645 system with 80mm kit lens.

i am having a canon eos 5D II + 85mm 1.2 and TS-E 17mm.
i probably will sell my canon stuff to buy the contax and shooting film first until i have enough money to buy and digital back.

did i say sell all canon stuff? i am really in love with the TS-E and was wondering if its somehow possible to use an adaptor for EOS to C645 mount(is it called this way?) and keep it!
The image circle of the TS-E is huge so it would be definetely funny to test it with the contax.

so are there adaptors known to mankind to use canon lenses with this 645 system?




New Member
Yashica 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 AF compatability

I have a Contax RTS (not a II or III). I am looking at a Yashica 28-70mm lens. Is the lens a C/Y mount? Also, I assume that the lens is MM, if so, will it work with my AE system? If the lens is AF, will it work as a manual focus on my RTS?
Basic questions, I know, but just getting started.