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HELP 167MT shooting past last frame


Active Member
I just bought another 167MT (sold off the last one and regretted it).
I have shot a test roll and the camera shoots past the last frame - instead of stopping. ie. after 36+ frames, the shutter and film advance mechanism still keeps advancing, causing the film sprocket holes to tear. All photos are OK axecpt the last frame which has multiple exposures.

The camera is supposed to stop advancing, so that the user can initiate the rewind switch.

* Does anyone else have this experience?
* Is there a quick and easy fix?
* Does any know how the 167MT detects that it is out of film - is it the advance motor that senses the extra torque, or is it like newer bodies that have an infrared sensor?

I have used the reset button and tried fresh batteries and then run a test roll. Same problem.

Thanks in advance.


I had one before and had a similar experience. I loaded a roll of film, shot all but still advancing to 4x! I knew there was something wrong and after i got the film developed, i found it had not advanced at all! the film sprocket of the first frame was torn and it didn't tell me!
obviously there is no IR sensor to detect whether the film is loaded properly...
then i sold it...
however, i can deny it is one of the best of contax cameras without counting the case i mentioned


New Member
hi nicolas

-no such experience with my mt167
-try old batteries or rechargebles with 1.2V
-probably it is the advance motor that senses the
extra torque

there is an mechanical indicator at the backside

regards dirk



just primitive question:
do you use P5 battery holder ?

If you do use it, try to put it off and use regular AAA batteries in the body.

I hope this helps,


Well-Known Member
The only problems I have heard occuring more than once with the 167MT were connected to the rewind motor/clutch.

Can you return it, or negotiate a discount etc?

Have it looked at by an authorised repair centre for peace of mind.

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.