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Help best repair service for my RX in Europe


I own a Contax RX SLR since 1998 that has now suffered a breakdown: whenever I shoot with apertures smaller than f11 the shutter or aperture blades freeze and I have to shutdown the camera for the mirror to unlock and then the film advances quite a bit more than it should.
As the service here in Portugal is poor, I'd be grateful if you could advise me where to send my camerra: UK, France or Germany.
Thanks in advance,



Try removing the battery for one minute and then re-install it. It may need to re-set in this manner the CPU.


Hi Ricardo:
For repair i suggest best place is Kyocera Hamburg for those where service enter of Co. does not exist.i passed through the same process for repair of my AX because here in Lahore-Pakistan no authorize repair and so arrange the camera through a friend and after few weeks it is back and refurbished. Although they charged on the higher side but machine will be reconditioned and u will get relief for coming years. Contact &
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. He is quite busy man and u will have to make constant efforts to locate. Anyhow it is their invention and we are in need. i think kyocera is the only co after few like Nikon which is providing repair/parts of old gears otherwise my Pentax Z1 is lying unrepaired even visiting Pentax UK. Congratulations u have gear of world reputed Kyocera which is still repairing its old models.i read few postings in the forum of repairing RTS and even older gears.