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Help choosing tripod for videocam


New Member
Im in posession of a HF10 and needs a tripod. Not too expensive though.

Someone here who could recommend some?

Needs: Vaccation, weddings, kids....
Budgset: $100 - $200.
Preffered something I can travel with, but perhaps not too small...
Im about 6'2.


Gold CI-Patron
Hi Pierce

Some years ago I bought a Manfrotto head (Model 410) and a Gitzo Tripod (G224). While the tripod is suitable for videocameras, the head is not since it is a 3D-head. What you need is a typical video-head. Manfrotto ofers these of course too. I would suggest you check out the Manfrotto webpage and seek for good videocamera heads.

Nowadays new tripods are available, some of them are made of carbon fibre. These are very light and stiff and also can carry a good load of equipment. Perhaps you want to have a look at the Gitzo page too, to choose from one of the carbon fibre tripods.

I know that Manfrotto makes semi-professional and professional videocam equipment. Perhaps you will find a combo of a head and a tripod there.

Sorry that I am unable to provide you with prices and further details.