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HELP Different colors Contax MC UV filters



I noticed my multi coated UV filters for my Contax G lenses have different colors. My newest have a deep green coating and some others (some are bought second hand) have a more blue color! What does this mean? Are the ones with the more blue coating deteriorated? Do I have to replace them with new filters? How bad is this? Is it still better then single coated filters?

I don't want to work with bad filters, but I don't want to replace filters that are actually still in good shape, so your input is appreciated!



different coatings reflect different colors, which not necessarily meens that one is worse than another.

My Contax 1a reflects green while my Leica UVa reflects a magenta color.

Assuming the different filters are all Contax, your observance would prove that they have changed the coating!
AFAIK the Contax filters are not made by Zeiss, but I am not shure if the coating should not be constantly T*?

Perhaps someone else can report on that.



Well-Known Member
I remember someone telling me that a microscopic change in the coating thickness will reflect a different colour!

Cheers, Bob.