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Help Needed Using Contax TLA200 flash w Contax G2 system



I posted this in accessories, but perhaps this is the more appropriate place....

If anyone can answer my questions regarding the TLA200 and G2, I would be most grateful. The manual is not written in a manner that I could follow!

If I am using the flash set on TTL, do I sent the camera on "Auto" or "X"?

If I am using TTL and the "Auto" or "X" (as hopefully you will
instruct) then am I able to adjust the aperature to my desire, or do I need to follow the formula at the top of the flash.

If I have to follow the formula at the top, could you explain to me how to use the formula in simple terms?

If you have simple directions for how to use the flash on manual and how to set the camera up for that, I would be ever so grateful!

Thanks for your time.  I really love the camera and flash, I think it is a great system.  I'd just love to be a competant user and not bring shame to all G-series fans!




in manual mode the flash always fires the full load, and you have to set aperture as stated upon the flash (depending upon distance to your subject and ISO of your film).

If you switch the flash to TTL-mode and it has powered up, the camera is automatically set to auto-TTL-flash.
You can set whatever aperture seems appropriate, and the camera will control the sufficient amount of flash.
Regarding exposure, if you leave it in A-mode, the camera sets something between 1/60 and 1/200 with the attempt to capture as much of the ambient scene as possible (quite clever and unique, AFAIK). If you switch to X, exposure will always be 1/200.

Hope that helped.



And keep in mind too that if you manually set both exposure controls, the exp comp switch will bracket the flash exposure.