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Help New TVS Owner


New Member
I just bought a used TVS without instructions. I think I've figured out what I need to know except how to attach the contax strap that came with this. I haven't figured out how to open the little square clasp. Also, what asa is the camera set at when there's no film in it? I'm trying to access the accuracy of the meter. It's showing a 60th-125th at F8 when metering grass in full sunlight, depending if I turn my back or face the sun, pointing down at the green grass, and the sun is almost at high noon. If the default is 100 asa, shouldn't it be reading 250th at F8? When the camera is set to program, is there a way of knowing what f-stop it's selected?


New Member
Without any film in it, my guess would be ISO 100.

As far as I know, there is no way of knowing what the f-stop is in program mode - unless you look at the shutter speed indicator in the viewfinder. The higher the speed, the more open the f-stop is.