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Help required fort a new Contax G1 user



I have moved from an Olympus Om1n to a G1 with 45 and 90mm lenses.

And....................I'm stunned!! I am not an experienced photographer,i have the Olympus purely to give decent family album pics,but its taught me the basics of photography.

But the difference with the Zeiss is unbelievable.So much so i need to ask a question.

I went out and threw a film in just to test the camera which i bought second hand.I tried to take pictures that would test the metering most and also check the camera works properly (it does).

I used Ilford HP5 and had it developed by Ilford,the attached scan is taken on a pretty cheap scanner.

My question is basically around contrast and exposure.With the OM1 using film,i could guess the exposure,the latitude on 400 Fuji being so wide i you could barely tell with 2 stops either way,so F8 at 125 helped me take many quick snaps.But with a stop either way on the Ilford film and you can notice it.Is this the film, the quality of the lense or even maybe the metering? I don't have enough experience to know.Its the contrast that has blown me away with all these pics,the Zuiko lenses were nowhere near,but then again,i never used Hp5.

Or maybe its a combination of all 3,i dunno.I'm assuming this film has less tolerance to exposure becuse i have never experienced contrast like this,i'm a bit speechless tbh.I only went outside to take a few quick snaps.

I have desparately tried to upload an image into this post but can't.Can you do that using the edit function?


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Its not all that unusual to be taken aback by the Zeiss quality and "look"!! As for exposure testing , you should use slide film for this , not print film - two main reasons , firstly it has virtually no exposure latitude so differences will be obvious , and , secondly , it eliminates differences caused by variations in printing[which can be huge]. Steve