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help with identity of contax camera


New Member
Hello everyone,

Complete newbie here and being perfectly honest a dunce when it comes to cameras more of a point and click man myself.

But recently after moving my parent to a newer more suitable location clearing out her loft i found a few bits one being the camera pictured below. she belives it was my uncles from the 50s? could this be correct

Would be really awesome if one of or many of the experrts here could help me identify what camera it is possible year of manufacture etc is it worth much

many many thanks in advance



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I'm a more modern Contax user, i.e. not the original German models but the German/Japanese models from the 1970s to fairly recently.

Have you tried posting your question on
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as this covers all types of rangefinder cameras from the earliest Leicas and Contaxes to the modern Leicas, Epsons and Zeiss Ikons?



New Member
Contax RF

Looks like a Contax IIIa - the built-in meter helps identify the model. Check out Hove Photo's book on Contax RF cameras for addl details.



With camera number and lens number I can give you the datation.
You camera was built between 1936 and 1945