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So I'm not sure if this is the right model, but my Nikon camera just stopped working and I have no clue whats wrong. I got it from a friend (minus the instruction manual) and it was fine until recently. On the LCD panel, when I turn it on- it just shows a 1- on the left, a 0 on the right and a speaker looking thing next to a picture of the battery underneath (its not the battery though). It wont take pictures now or anything. Please help if you know whats wrong. Thanks!


New Member
1) Don't panic. Overanxiety can cause you to damage your camera from trying to fix it yourself, ie probably doing something to it you shouldn't.

2) I think, from what you've described about the LCD, your camera is in the custom settings mode, and if I'm right, it is probably on setting no. 1 for the beep sound which accompanies auto focus, 0 probably indicating that the sound is disabled - not sure. Switch from CSM back to one of M (for Manual), A (for Aperture Priority), S (for Shutter Priority) or P (for Program, which is like Auto) on the exposure mode dial and everything should be fine.