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Hi ... I am Klaus and I love these cameras...

Guest .

Hi All,

let me shortly introduce myself ... I am Klaus and ... as I indicated above I love my Foveon cameras.

I have SIGMAs SD9/10/14 and already taken thousands of shots with them.

In addition I have a Polaroid X530 (the nice little pocket with its mini Foveon image sensor).

Well .... it is difficult to find a start here .... in fact I would like to make friends in this forum which is rather "silent" at the moment.;)

For a start, let me show you some Photos, which I took with my SIGMA SDs and my Poraroid X530.

Sample 1.jpg

Sample 2.jpg

Sample 3.jpg

Sample 4.jpg

Sample 5.jpg

Sample 6.jpg

to be continued in a second .....


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Hi, Klaus!

I have posted already in the landscape section, before I found your post here.

I am also very satisfied with my SD cameras which I use professionally, making some very large prints for some of my clients. Take a look at where I have a pic of one of these prints hanging in a board room.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

Guest .

Hi Jim,

I like your photographs.;)

It is their fantasic colours and their 3-dimensional look, which make them unique.

The SDs are no easy cameras to work with, but it is worth to get familiar with them.

If you like, have a look into my
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.... it's all foveon pictures, I took with SD9 /SD10 / SD14 and Polaroid X530.

it is nice to have you here in our SIGMA forum!:)

See you with nice pictures



I am new in this forum and just came across your post while browsing. Excellent pics. Thanks Klaus.


Well-Known Member
Hello Bonku!

Your patience will be rewarded. Klaus is at present away on vacation but will return in the new year. In the meantime, let me say g'day from Australia. ;)

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

Guest .

Back from Spain!

Hi All,

let me wish a happy and healthy new year 2009 to all of you! :)

Hi Bonku, you "digged out" quite an old thread .... why not!! :)

Nothing has changed in the meantime ... I still love photography ... SIGMA-equipment in particular.

I actually spent Christmas and New Year at Torrox Costa which is a very small and unimportant town at the Costa del Sol (South Spain)

The area is the hottest spot all over Europe. You really can spend "summer holidays" there over Christmas.

Jim soonest has a similar climate available in Australia at the moment?! ... I unfortunately never happened to visit Australia but his photos prove, that summer there must be marvelous!

Well .... for sure, I did not go to Spain without my "photo plunder :)"

I got my backpack ready and did the 2,400 km (1,500 miles) by car.

Now back again, I have hundreds of SIGMA-shots with me ...

Some impressions:

sample 1.jpg sample 2.jpg

sample 3.jpg sample 4.jpg

sample 5.jpg sample 6.jpg

to be continued ....

Guest .

... and finally ...

sample 13.jpg sample 14.jpg

sample 15.jpg sample 16.jpg

sample 17.jpg

It is nice to be back to the forum .... :)

See you with nice pictures


P.S. ... I really love these cameras (all shots SIGMA SD9 / SD14) with different lenses.

If details are interesting ... please feel free to ask! :)


Well-Known Member
Hi, "stranger", welcome back and it's good to see you are back safely too! Best wishes for 2009, BTW.

And what a feast for sore eyes you bring back with you for us to gloat over. Interesting place indeed, very well accentuated by your creative eye.

Sincere regards, Jim R


Active Member
Blue cat

These are really great photos and I am glad you are back. I used to have a Blue point Siamesse but he wasn't that blue. Was it the light?

.....................................Tom C


Well-Known Member
Hi Klaus,

I see you've been in the sunny part of Spain ;)
Nice shots, thanks for sharing!