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Hmm Thatbs weird



An interesting problem with an OM-2.

Seems I have no film advance. Well, the lever swings freely but does not engage the uptake spool or shutter cocking device. Frame counter is firmly seated at "E" and does not reset when the back is opened. The shutter can be cocked by manually operating the (what's it called, guidewheel? The drum with cogwheel in each end in the back), but that's not really useful for taking pictures..

Might the problem be connected with the dead batteries currently in the camera or is the fault mechanical (i.e. expensive)?

Anyone experience anything similar.?


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Try the reset switch, with new batteries. You did not mention that the shutter would not release, but I interpreted that was the meaning.




Hi, thanks for your speedy reply.

Well. If I cock the shutter with the guidewheel it will release but the mirror locks up (go figure, no batteries

I'm buying new batteries tomorrow hopefully that'll do the trick.

Oh by the way, are you supposed to be able to turn the shutter speed selector ring to "B" without depressing the reset switch (read something, somewhere that it shouldn't be possible).


You *should* only be able to turn to B by pressing the B-Lock button. Should be the same with an OM-2 (I've got a 2n and a 2sp). If you can turn without pushing in the B-Lock button, the catch is probably broken.

I'm not too sure, but I highly doubt that batteries will fix your problem. I think it's a mechanical fault. If the wind lever swings freely, something may have detached/snapped/broken. If the shutter is already cocked or the mirror is locked up, the lever should be locked.


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<Oh by the way, are you supposed to be able to turn the shutter speed selector ring to "B" without depressing the reset switch (read something, somewhere that it shouldn't be possible).>

The release lock for setting “B is on the lower front near the lens mount. Right side if looking at the lens side

The reset is to reset the mirror after lock-up due to battery failure. OM 2N It is designed to lock up if the batteries are dead. Replace the batteries then push the selector to the reset position.




Took the camera to a repair shop. Probable cause: Spring broken or detached in the film advance mechanism. They had to send it to a specialist.

$50 to have it examined and no idea of the repair cost. Well, I phoned the specialist only to get the answering machine saying they had recently filed for bankruptcy. Whew, lucky I didn't agree to send the camera right away.

Anyway, thanks for all your help. Too bad it had to be mechanical problems.


*edit: Spell check.

I just bought an OM-2n and installed two 1.5 batteries (duracell LR44) as suggested by the shop I bought it from. Only after a week of shooting (haven't finished my first roll yet)I get a blinking red light when I push the "check-reset" lever. I'm planning to take it to the dealer next week but I'd like to know what to check for.

Thanks for your help


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You'd better check the camera by using the reset switch first. Be sure the shutter speed ring is on B or 1/60 when you don't us the camera. However, OM 2N dose not have a power switch to turn the power off completely.


You should not be using alkaline batteries (LR44). You must use silver batteries (SR44 or Duracell D357). Your symptoms fit very well with use of


Also, always keep a lens cap on when the camera is not being used. The meter keeps on working when it can 'see' light and that runs the batteries down too.
I may be using the wrong batteries.
Is it true that even in the "off" position, the batteries are still working?!.
I also would like to know why setting the shutter speed to B or 1/60 saves battery life.



> [Yes you had wrong batteries, use SR44. And don't worry, the batteries are not working. In OM-1(N) and OM-2(N) the off really means off and batteries should last at least a year. OM-3 and OM-4 cameras are completely different story. ]


I've used OM's for more years than I wish to admit and have found they go thro batteries fast.
While my Canon T90 rarely needs a change, I often renew batteries in both the OM2N(SP) and OM4Ti.
When I take the OM's out I ALWAYS take along at least one complete set of new batteries....... just in case !!
There is no on/off switch, so when not in use always leave the camera in manual exposure mode with the lens cap ON. This seems to conserve battery life.
If I'm not likely to use the camera for a couple of weeks I usually remove the batteries.
Setting shutter to 1/60 or B settings is the fully manual setting for use when there is insufficient battery power to opperate the cameras exposure meter and other electronic functions.
Hope this may be of help.