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How about an NDII from Kodak


New Member
So, Kodak stops making digital backs for MF cameras, updates the FF 14n Nikon mount camera based on a Nikon body and has just announced a similar digital camera with a canon mount based on a Sigma body. Is there a trend here? Could we see Kodak making other digital cameras with other mounts? How about handing the contax ND over to kodak, having them gut it and install their electronics. Seems to me that wouldn't be too hard for Kodak to do, whether it would make economical sense for them is another questions. Considering the deafening silence coming from Kyocera about a successor to the ND, would anyone here consider buying such a camera if it were to become reality?


Well-Known Member
In a NY heartbeat.

BTW Mike, where did you get the information that the new Canon mount 14nPro is based on a Sigma body?


New Member
I don't think it has been admitted that the Canon mount camera is based on a Sigma body, but as Recardo mentioned, it seems obvious just looking at it. By the way, Kodak is also helping Leica with their digital R back. I bet if Kyocera were to ask, they would help with a NDII.
Kodak has been hurting of late -- film sales are down with everyone going digital. I think Kodak would help ANYONE if asked to help cement a decent marketshare in digital.

Let them help with and NDII and a G-digital...

Or would Zeiss nix that as Kodak has used Schneider lenses in the past in their P&S digital line?



I'd much rather have the foveon ccd mounted on an N1 or NX... But I'd only buy it if Contax would add some f2.8 primes to the N system anyway.


Well-Known Member
Kodak has a 35 mm full frame sensor that seems quite noisey. So maybe I don't want a Kodak body at all - unless thay can clean up the noise (and I thought that a benefit of a large sensor was low noise). I think I'd rather see Contax stuff Canon's electronics and sensor into an N body.