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How did this info get into the hands of spammers



I joined this users group yesterday to post a fs ad, and today I am already receiving spam from this username. And this is the *only* site on which I use this name. Any ideas about this?


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Hi Douglas,

Are you receiving spam from the username or spam to this e-mail address? What kind of spam? Do you mean the e-mail notoifications from the Contax forum? Then look in the help file.

In case you do not mean the postings/ e-mail notifications of the forum-members:

Spam on the internet to your address is very easy possible. This is a high trafffic photo site. This results in a lot of attention of spam spiders. The Buy and sell section is public, which means you can access it without entering a password (we had that for some for other threads for test reasons a while too). You posted in that public section your e-mail address.

So if you post your e-mail address on the internet, it is just a question of time when a spam spider is catching it. This is the reason why you will never see the e-mail address of our users in their profile. It is just not accessable unless you publish it yourself.

For more infos read here:

NEVER post your e-mail on the internet just like that. Not in this forum, another forum or anywhere else on the internet. Also not with "at" instead of "@", since the spam spiders will recognize it nowadays (2 years ago this was different).

Hope that helps