how does it work ???


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Hi friends,

as you may have seen on the pictures I posted I bought just 2 weeks ago the 70-300mm f4-6,5 DG Macro lens from sigma... I am really happy with it, this little rock enabling me more than completing my focal range from 17mm (the first lens with the sd14, 17-70) to 300 but also and firstly pleasing me in 'photographie animalière' (damned be my English skill, I don't know the correct word except in French :s, sorry for this)

But For what I read when I chosed it, the Macro in the name puzzled me a bit... and more than the name the macro switch on the lens... what's his use for ? I never or quite never tried these kind of photos more than approaching the most I would have been able to the lens near the subject...

Thank you for the time spent reading my message and for the incoming answers

Cheers and regards