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How does one lock in focus on moving subjects using a Contax G2



Hi folks,

Which settings allow me to lock in the focus on moving subjects when I'm using my G2? I am thinking that I have to set it at CL or CH for the drive and CF for the focusing settings?

The main difficulty is trying to recompose the image of a moving subject after locking in focus but that's the challenge I guess?



Hi Alfie,
Belated I know. You probably have the answer by now, but here goes;

If you select continuous focus (CF)then you cannot lock the focus. That is the whole point of it.

To lock focus select the single focus mode, aim the focus spot at the target, press the focus lock with your thumb and fire.

I think that you may actually want to have the focus track the moving car. If so then you are doing it right by using CF. The focus will not 'lock' onto the car, but adjust itself to correctly focus on whatever is within the focus marks. It is up to you to make sure that the central point of the frame coincides with something that you want to be correctly focused.




you can actually lock focus even in CAF-mode, just by using focus lock button.
(This applies only to the G2.)