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How is canon5d rated


Hi Byron,

welcome in our Canon Community Forum. I do not know what you mean exactly with "rated".

There are different sites, which test more or less seriously DSLRs and there are forums and mailing list like ours. We do also have aspecial review section (
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), but not that much postings teher yet for the 5D.

For getting first impressions, I would recommend to read both, postings of users that used in the past the 5D and screen also some tests. Although I would be very cautios with tests since the test-circumstances are in most cases not really relevant for most of the real life shootings.

I did not use yet the Canon 5D personally. I had it once in my hands and made some test shots, but nothing to give a real judgement about it. But as far as I heard it from pros, it seems to be a very good camera and in the field of high iso low noise ratio among the best in the market (maybe only surpassed by the Canon 1Ds Mark II).

I know that in our forum Marc and DJ have the Canon 1DsII and Marc has also the 5 D. Maybe he can give you later more insight, when he reads you posting.

But to be able to recommend you in any direction, it is important to know, what excatly you want to do with the DSLR, which kind of shooting etc. There is no "best" camera for all purposes...

Could you give more details about this?