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How many Sigma Users under Linux?


If you're a sigma SD or DP user and you're main OS is Linux, please let me know here.
The main goal of this is to know if it worth a try to ask for Sigma to release SPP (or at least a library) to process the x3f natively under Linux.




count me in.

my primary work environment is linux, debian to be more precise. for the moment...i am very much ok with getting SPP to run under Wine...though its not the elegant, easy solution...for it needs tweaking and knowledge far beyond the reach of 'normal' desktop users. but as a DIY fan...and using linux for close to 15 years...i guess its working great for me.

appreciate your effort though...and if Sigma does release a native linux binary...well i will be speechless :)



New Member
I'm a Linux user here, too. Wine works, but native would be nice, though I wouldn't hold my breath.



New Member
Me too

I'm a Linux user, too.
Currently, I run Linux Mint 13 "Maya" (64 bit) with XFCE 4, my favourite desktop software, on my Linux box.
Raw development is done with SIGMA Photo Pro 4.2(.2.0), by support of wine. Unfortunately, the histogram vanishes from time to time; collapsing and re-expanding the settings window makes it appear again.
I tried SPP 5 also but wasn't happy with it due to its ugly GUI.
For whatever cannot be done in SPP, I use The Gimp 2.6 (oh yes, 2.8 is much better).

I have been using Linux since the advent of S.u.S.E Linux 5.0 (June 1997). There had been some occasional fall-backs to M$ Windoze. Presently, however, I am 'clean'.