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How much to pull Ilford delta 100 using 502



First of all this I am new to this forum this is my first posting.

I am going on vacation to the south of France and I want to make B/W with my M6 ttl using 50/2 and Ilford delta 100 film. Has anyone experience how much to pull this film in order to optimise ezposure for the contrast in the sunny circumtances in France??


Dear Edmond

100 Delta is a great film, but why make B+W more complicated that it needs to be. Why not take some Pan F, or my favourate especially with Leica lenses Agfa 25 ASA (dev. in Rodinal 1+25) I've found this combination works wounderfully especially in Southern European summer light. I know this is not exactly what you wanted but give it a try!!!

Best regards and have a great trip



Sun isn't as strong as it is in say Carribean or in Africa in France

125 or 160 should do and even if you take 400 you can pull to 200 or 320