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How to load GX


New Member
Just bought a second hand GX !
do I load it the same way than a 2.8F?
It doesnt seems to have the film in the right position . Very difficult to load , and dont want to force it

Pier living in Saigon VN


no you load it like a t - put the film over the roller, advance until the arrow reaches the red dots close back and wind on until crank stops.


New Member
I just bought an older Rolleiflex 2.8f and I am having trouble loading the film. There are no markers I can see to tell me when to stop advancing the film when loading it. Can someone please help me?


New Member
The paper lead needs to go under the metal bar, then pulled up to the windup spool.

With the back open, wind the take up spool just enough to ensure the paper is securely attached. Close the back and just wind until "1" appears in the exposure counter and the wind locks.

The metal bar will detect the added thickness of the film as you wind and engage the film counter automatically. This is a convenient luxury feature unfortunately not found in modern twin lens rolleis.