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How to recover deleted RAW images from SD card

Having just conducted a thread search on here, as well as a Google search, for: 'recover deleted images', I'm posting here in the hope that someone can answer this one for me please.

How does one recover deleted RAW images from SD card? I'm using a Mac and linking up the camera direct using the mini USB cable. I don't have an SD Card slot or reader.

This in itself is problematic on my 24" iMac 3.06 GHz running OS 10.5.7. When I'm transferring RAW files across, the process stalls half way through after completing a percentage of the transfer, leaving loads of 'ghost' holder files in place of full .X3F files.

But this does not happen with my MacBook Pro running Tiger. I can transfer as many files as I want, and leave it tethered indefinitely!

So, two problems really. Has anyone else solved the recovery issue, or experienced the second one. If so, can you share your solution please?
Thanks kakou.

I was suspecting that would be the reply. Which recovery app works best on a Mac?

Also, have you heard of the other issue I'm experiencing?



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I like PhotoRescue and it works on Windows or Mac, but there are others too. I think they even list which card readers work best. Apparently not all do. It has a free demo which will show you what it will find and then you can buy it if it finds anything. I vaguely recall an X3F specific tool but I think that's for actual files that may have problems, not finding them on a card, so once you recover the files that might come in handy.

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No. Are you using a USB hub or is it plugged in directly? If it's a hub, try going direct.