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How to use Zeiss Sonnar 85/2.8



I have just find a sonnar 85 F 2,8 ae lens for 100 Euros "made in western germany"
I Like portaiture photos (Childrens, pets ...)
Can I use this lens at F 2,8 or must i go to F4 ?to get sharp pictures?
How is the Bokeh at F 2,8 for the underground ?
Should i try to find Planar 85 F 1,4 to use at F 2 to have better
portaits of my childs ?
Sorry for my bad english
Regards for advice _


I have both lenses and use the f2.8 about 90% of the time. The bokeh is good set at 2.8 or 4.0 and I frequently use an aperture of 2.8 when shooting indoor sports at Duke University. I only use the 1.4 for night stage performances and weddings in dimly lit churches. When I travel, I only carry the 85/2.8 (because of it's light weight) and a 50/1.7. The 85/2.8 is an excellent portrait lens with the right film. With the wrong film, it doesn't matter which lens you use.

Tom Sullivan