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Howdy all... lense/raw question



I just bought a used istd body. I have the bayonet adapter from my old k1000, and some lenses. I have them on, and done some shots. Ok results.

I really want to pick up one or two of the proper lenses for this body. As I look at ebay, I wonder if the lenses for th istDL will function properly on this earlier body.

Any comments on what will work properly on my body?

Also, I shot a couple of raw images, the file has an extension of pef. My photoshop cs2 says it will open such files, but I get an unrecognized format error on opening. Any suggestions?


Too bad my hassie lenses wont work:z04_975:LOL


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You should have no problem with any Pentax lens. All K-mount lenses can be used. I use film and digital and swap lenses regularly.
As for CS2, it should recognise PEF but some versions do need a plug-in. Try a search for CS2 PEF, you should find the answer. If not let me know.


cs2 updates

I made sure that I had the cs2 cameraraw update 3.7 in my plugins folder, but it still wont open the file.

Next, I suppose I should see if .pef is covered by this update.


Got it!

This is the location for the pef converter...
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After installing the plug in to the import/export folder, you use an import rather than a file/open.

See ya!